Artist Statement

BeachParkDigital is a practice that creates dreamsical portraits of my lived experience. 

In Hawai’i we are surrounded by beauty and what tourist would leave without a sunset palm silhouette picture in their camera roll?  While those never cease to amaze, my genre is a study of the everyday places and people of O’ahu and the world at large.  I get my passion from nature, family, and my pursuit of greater life experiences.

The main way I create is from a hidden digital tool I found in the Apple operating system which makes rhythmic brushstroke gestures of images.  Most professional photographers insist on a definite focus, but I prefer this unsharpened sense of vitality, suggesting the movement of trees in the wind.  The software has a rudimentary color palette and the soft layers of blue and green instill a calming atmosphere.  The yellows and reds are scarce but create a wonderful sense of counterpoint.

I love the look of my metal sublimated prints, but it bothers me to import aluminum just for fun.  I can see plastic resources assault our island archipelago and I aim to achieve the ability to produce superior quality prints on a brand new medium—sheets made from recycled ocean and post-consumer plastic.  All profits from my artwork sales will be rolled into R&D for this goal.  I was surprised this project would lead me to become a materials scientist.

Photography allows me to explore our globe with a poetic style.  Sometimes I go to shoot with intention, sometimes its spontaneous, but always I am moved by my subjects.  Digital art is more suited to the art requirements of this age of technological achievement than any other.  My contribution to our culture is the combination of both.

BeachParkDigital is multifaceted.  Like a diamond.  Palabras that describe him:

Father, Husband, runner, world explorer, photographer, canoe surfer, library patron, night beach crab hunter, hiker, NFT collector, Leadville mountain bike race finisher, entrepreneur, personal trainer, salad assembler, SolarCity/Tesla survivor, roadside bike salvager, longboarder, 11 times Honolulu marathon racer, shaman, Surron rider, Boston University graduate, Muay Thai trainee, indoor rock climber, staycationer, dishwasher, investor, triathlete, bed time story reader, meditator, Boston marathon qualifier, lifelong student, Moloka’i Hoe contender, Mamaki farmer, listener of the Dharma, electrician y muchos mas!

How They're Made:

Sublimation is a cutting-edge process that allows the transfer of images onto a variety of materials, including aluminum tiles.  It works by using heat and pressure to turn a solid dye into a gas, which then bonds to the surface of the metal.  Sublimation produces prints that are vibrant and long-lasting.  They are very durable and can withstand wear and tear for a lifetime. 

There are all sorts of results from this process and its important to use a high-quality sublimation printer. A good printer will use heat and pressure evenly, which will help to ensure that the image is printed correctly.  They must use excellent sublimation transfer paper and white or clear coated tiles .045″ thick.  The last step involves a heat press and is used to cure the image. Curing will help to ensure that the dye bonds permanently to the surface of the tile.

A number of printing options exist on the island of O’ahu  I have tested many of them and the local quality is superb.  It’s important to me to collaborate with local business to help support our Hawai’i community. My finished products are museum quality--meeting art industry archival standards for longevity and color fastness.